Sunanda and Roopa prove to Chandra (Rajat Tokas) that she is Nandni (Shweta Basu Prasad) and the woman he buried alive was Roopa. She even answers all of Chandra’s questions exactly like Nandni would. He even asks her to show her birth mark to prove that she is not Roopa and is Nandni. He doesn’t find the birth mark and gets shocked. He feels relieved and asks the maids to take care of her.He goes back to the wall that he had built around Nandni and breaks it. He then opens the tunnel inside and goes to meet Nandni. There is a flashback of Chandra asking Nandni the truth before burying her alive.

She tells him how she had saved his life and would never do anything to kill Chaya. He confesses that he is relieved to hear the truth from her. He also tells her that he announced the punishment to find the culprit and asks her to play along. Back to the present, he meets her and tells her that it’s her doppleganger. He tells her how he followed Roopa the other night as she jumped in the pond to meet Sunanda outside. (ALSO READ: ChandraNandni 27 February 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Chandra buries Nandni alive and Roopa takes her place)

He tells her how he had also jumped in the pond after Roopa to find out the truth. He tells Nandni that Sunanda has helped Roopa all along. She then asks Chandra how he trusts her so much. He tells her instances where his doubt was confirmed. He asks her to trust him and she agrees to help him in his plan. They smile at each other as Chandra thinks about how he had actually found out about Roopa. Every time was near him, he felt awkward. Chandra tells Chanakya everything that he had overheard in the forest.

Chanakya asks Chandra to present Roopa as Nandni to Nanda. They plan to use Roopa to catch Nanda and punish her. Roopa is proud of her plan and is in her room. She goes and hugs Chandra as soon as he enters. She expresses how happy she is that he accepted her in front of everyone. Chandra tells her how much he loves her and that they should start afresh. They hug each other and Roopa gets scared when she sees Nandni walk by. She runs to check who it was as Chandra looks on thinking that this is just the beginning.