Raajmata and Chandra (Rajat Tokas) get emotional over his gift to her as Daadima thanks Nandni (Shweta Basu Prasad) for the suggestion. Nandni gives her present to Raajmata and asks her to see the gift alone. Raajmata gets upset over seeing mangalsutra and sindoor as a part of the gift. She wears it and goes to meet Nandni in her room. Nandni is shocked to see her when she asks how Raajmata liked her gift. Raajmata lashes out at her for giving such a gift to a widow. Nandni tries telling her that she didn’t do any of it but Raajmata refuses to listen to her.

She forces Nandni to put the mangalsutra and sindoor on her but Nandni resists. She tells her that she will never forgive her and leaves. Helena overhears everything and tells Chandra everything, who is shocked to hear this. Chandra starts breaking things in anger as Helena keeps talking about how evil Nandni is. He pushes Helena and storms out of the room. Roopa is laughing a lot as Helena’s mother and Sunanda are wondering what happened. She tells them that she exchanged Raajmata’s gift from Nandni to make things worse. Chandra sees Raajmata cry and tries to console her. (ALSO READ: ChandraNandni 25 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Chandra gets into the bathtub with Helena to make Nandni jealous)

He promises to seek revenge from Nandni for his mother’s tears. He decides to punish Nandni and calls all the queens, ensuring that Daadima doesn’t find out about this. The queens are talking about what a heartless thing Nandni has done before she enters the hall. Helena stops her from talking to Raajmata and tells her that she has been called to be punished. Just then, Chandra enters the hall. Nandni tries talking to him but is stopped by him. He goes to announcing her punishment and calls the maid. The maid gets the portrait that Nandni had drawn originally, confusing everyone.

He then shows it to Raajmata, who is stunned by Suryagupt’s drawing. Chandra tells everyone that the portrait got exchanged with his other mother’s gift. Just then, Kanika enters and tells Raajmata that Chandra is right. Raajmata apologises to Nandni and they hug each other. Raajmata then announces that Nandni’s gift is the best one that she has received so far. They hug again as Chandra and Nandni smile at each other. Later on, Chandra finds Nandni on the terrace and goes to talk to her.