Chandra (Rajat Tokas) decides to bury Nandni (Shweta Basu Prasad) alive in a wall. He sticks to his decision despite family members opposing to it. He also takes her post of the chief queen back. Since Chandra doesn’t trust her, she decides to oblige and die. Nandni is taken to the jail and she reminisces about her childhood and adulthood in the palace. Chanakya finds Nanda’s secret hideout and an informer tells Nanda that he is here. Nanda asks him to enter thinking he has come with Nandni. Chanakya and Nanda have a verbal spat. He gets Chanakya’s daughter to prove that she is alright and his prisoner at the moment.

Nanda asks Chanakya about Nandni and gives him seven days to return Nandni to him. Meanwhile, Chandra is watching Nandni as she is being buried alive in a wall. They look at each other and reminisce about their moments together. Daadima comes crying to him and requests him to think about his decision once. She tells him that this looks like a conspiracy but he refuses to believe her. After Daadima, Avantika and Sunanda come begging for forgiveness but he refuses. Chandra breaks down inside after the wall around Nandni is completely built. (ALSO READ: Chandra-Nandni 23 February 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Chandra drinks the medicine poisoned by Roopa)

Avantika is still outside the door as Sunanda requests her to move. Sunanda tells Roopa that Nandni is dead and asks her to leave. Roopa refuses to leave and asks her to think of something. Sunanda panics and tells her that there is no way out. Avantika recalls Nandni’s childhood and starts searching her in the room. Sunanda tells her that Nandni is dead but Avantika refuses to believe it. She breaks down as Sunanda asks her to get a hold on herself. Avantika blames herself.

Chandra is thinking about Nandni in his room and of their moments together. He throws the book that she gifted him in anger. He calls the maid and asks her to throw Nandni’s things out of his room. Daadima sees him and goes to talk to him. She tells him that he will never be able to throw her out of his life. He tells her that she is dead and asks her to forget Nandni forever. Roopa sneaks out and jumps in a pond to get out of the palace. Sunanda asks her to leave but she says that she has fallen in love with Chandra now.

Sunanda scolds her and Roopa comes up with a plan. The people of the kingdom protest his punishment to Nandni. They tell him that he must have misjudged when Roopa comes back and tells everyone that she is alive. Chandra is shocked to see her.