Roopa (Shweta Basu Prasad) sits in the gigantic royal bathtub and asks Chandra (Rajat Tokas) to apply some paste on her back. Chandra thinks that she is drunk but goes ahead with it anyway. Helena’s mother hides and watches the entire scene hoping that Roopa takes Malayketu’s name. Roopa tells Chandra that she loves him a lot and she wants to start things afresh. Chandra gets happy on hearing this but it’s short-lived since she takes Malayketu’s name after that. Chandra storms out without saying anything and Helena praises Roopa for making their plan easier. Malayketu follows Chandra to his room and adds fuel to the fire by giving Chandra the scroll that Roopa gave him in the name of Nandni.

Chandra asks him to leave the rest to him. Chandra calls Nandni asking her to prepare his bath. She obliges. He takes off his clothes in front of her and she looks away embarrassed. Chandra asks her to apply paste on his body and Nandni thinks that he has lost it. Nandni thinks that Chandra is just stooping low to harass her. Chandra stops her and asks Helena to apply paste on his body. Helena happily does as she is told as Chandra keeps making Nandni jealous. (ALSO READ: ChandraNandni 24 January 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Roopa lures Malayketu to meet her alone)

Nandni cries and is about to leave but Chandra stops her. He then asks her to decorate the bathroom with flowers for Helena and him. Helena gets in the pool with Chandra and hugs him as Nandni looks on jealous. She grabs the plate too strongly and ends up hurting herself. She storms out with a bleeding palm as Chandra follows her worried. Nandni runs into Daadima and she immediately hudes her palm. Chandra also enters the room and Daadima asks him why he is panting so much.

He makes up an excuse and holds Nandni’s wounded hand. Daadima then says that she wants the artist to paint a portrait of Chandra and Nandni together immediately. Helena tells her mother how wonderful she felt seeing Nandni in pain. Her mother tells her that if she had sliced her instead of Nandni’s, Chandra would have stayed with her. She asks Helena to not get too excited but Helena is revelling in joy. Her mother keeps asking her to stay grounded and understand what’s going on but she refuses to listen. Her mother then tells her that this is just the calm before a storm.

Chandra and Nandni are posing for the portrait wondering why they feeling so terrible. The artist finishes the portrait and leaves after Daadima gives him the reward. She tells them that she will take the portrait from their room when she leaves. Chandra cleans Nandni’s wounds and applies medicines to it while asking her why she is crying. Chandra taunts her for being in love with Nandni and she gets upset with him. Chandra then reads out the scroll to her as she stands there crying. She asks him to stop.