Chandra (Rajat Tokas) apologizes to Durdhara for leaving her alone in such a condition. She says she is not angry because he is leaving her, she is upset because he didn’t tell her that he loves Nandini (Shweta Basu). He gets embarrassed and asks her how does she know. She asks him to tell Nandini about his feelings. Chandra goes to Nandini’s room and sees her packing her luggage. She asks him why is he coming with her. He says he is just following the rules. Nandini tells him that she doesn’t feel his decision is right as he is a king and a ruler should never leave his citizens. She asks him if there is any other reason of him coming with her. He says she is wrong if she thinks he is coming with her because he likes to spend time with her. She says even she doesn’t like to see his monkey face. Chandra and Nandini get into a friendly argument. They both realize that they cannot live without each other.

Helena tells her mother that she can’t handle defeat. She asks her to kill Nandini as she cannot live without Chandra. Durdhara overhears their conversation and decides to tell everything to Chandra. Helena threatens to kill Durdhara’s baby after the latter overhears her and Apama conspiring against Chandra-Nandini. She asks her not to come in her way and keep her mouth shut. Durdhara promises not to tell anything to Chandra.

Nandini suggests Chandra to postpone their trip until Durdhara’s delivery for her safety. Chandra says he cannot go back on his words. Chandra’s mother and grand mother come and assure them that they will take good care of her. They request them to stay for one more day for Durdhara’s baby shower ceremony. They agree.

Nadini gives the good news to Durdhara but gets surprised to not see her happy. She asks her if she is fine. Durdhara tells her that she is not feeling well. Nandini asks her to rest. Durdhara feels bad. Nandini decides to add medicine in Durdhara’s food. Dadi and Rajmata ask her not to put anything in her food without doctor’s permission and leave. Nadini still puts it. A servant informs them about it. Dadi and Rajmata ask what is she doing. Nandini assures them that this medicine will ease her pain. The ceremony begins. Everyone gives presents to her. She gets shocked to see Helena.