In Chandra Nandini,  Malayketu takes Gautami to Padmanand where he takes away her child saying this child is his successor.

Helena puts forward her conditions for taking Nandini(Shweta Basu Prasad) to Magadha which includes her going only as a care taker. Nandini agrees to it.

Everybody is preparing for Chandra’s welcome and they all ask about Bindusara where helena introduces her as a dumb woman who is here to take care of Bindusara.She says that her name is Chandrika hiding her real identity.

Chandra(Rajat Tokas) tells him a story at night when Nandini takes him and makes fun of his story.

Helena tells her mother about how she degraded Nandini’s position which earns her a scolding from her mother.

Chandra falls asleep and Nandini covers him up with blanket while trying to pacify a crying Bindusara. She finds her anklet and her painting in Chandra’s room.

Helena’s mom tells her about Chanakya knowing the truth about them helping Rupa and which is why she handed over the raj mudra.(Also Read: Chandra Nandini 20 April, 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Nandini saves Bindusara’s life)

Chandra’s mom is unable to believe how Nandini could commit such a crimeand blames her in front of Chandrika.


Dadi sees Chandrika. Chanakya blames Helena. Chandra slips and falls over nandini.