In Chandra Nandini, Chandra(Rajat Tokas) explains to Helena that he doesn’t care about Nandini but he can’t let her be in trouble because of their past. Nandini(Shweta Basu Prasad) is heart broken over the fact that Chandra hates her. Her sister-in-law asks that she still loves him but Nandini disagrees saying she can never love a man who thinks of her as a murderer. Chandra goes to look for Nandini’s husband and spots him. Chandra is worried over seeing that man as he looks like a heavy drinker. A woman comes there saying she is his wife, Chandra hears this. He slaps him and reprimands him for being a cheater. The man says that Chandrika is not his wife.

Chandra thinks about telling Nandini her husband’s truth and think about what he said at last. He thinks if Nandini lied to him about his family. Chanakya goes to Helena’s mother and she welcomes him but in a sarcastic way. He demands to see some papers and she allows him. Chanakya tells her that he would like to take away raj-mudra from her as he thinks she is misusing it. She says that in absence of Helena, she is in charge of important decisions. But Chanakya counters her argument. (Also Read: Chandra Nandini 17 April, 2017 Written Update of Full Episode: Nandini is accused and insulted before Chandra)

Chandra goes back to that man and questions him about Chandrika. He tells him the whole truth that she is not his wife and that child is not even hers. Helena is enraged as the little prince does not stop crying when the queen and king of Kalinga enter. The doctor says that the prince needs Chandrika’a touch more than any medicine.

Chandra cannot understand Nandini’s reason for lying. Malayketu meets up with Padmanand explaining him the recent happenings along with Gautami’s presence. Padmanand is unable to believe it. Nandini refuses to go and see Bindusara as she does not want him to get attached to her as it would hurt him more later when they will be separated.

PREVIEW: Gautami questions why Nandini is so concerned for that child and she hits back saying she is his mother. Gautami counters saying she is still in love with Chandra. Chandra comes to Nandini’s house.