Earlier this year in January when I went to interview multiple Oscar nominated Lion star, Sunny Pawar, he told me how he is a huge fan of Bollywood star, Ajay Devgn and his movie, Singham. He even mouthed a dialogue from the film – the famous, ‘Aata Majhi Satakli.’ Towards the end of the interview he told me that he wanted to meet Ajay Devgn and asked if I could make it happen. Check out the interview here. Soon after the interview, we at BollywoodLife got in touch with Ajay and told him about his young fan. He was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule and that’s how the BollywoodLife initiative came into existence. Two months later we got in touch with Sunny’s grandfather, who was initially hesitant, but agreed as soon as we told him it’s for a meet-and-greet with Ajay Devgn. The D-day arrived and I went to Sunny’s place to pick him up along with his parents. We reached the studio where Ajay was shooting for an ad film. While I was aware of Sunny’s stardom in the West, it was surprising for me to see people recognising him in the studios too. Everyone – right from the security guards, ADs, crew members etc, all knew who the little one was! After waiting a while for Ajay, who was getting ready for a shot, the money-shot moment came when the superstar came out of his van and Sunny saw his screen idol for the first time. The glow, the smile, the happiness and the excitement on the kid’s face said it all. Imagine a kid, who was the highlight of the Oscars 2017, Golden Globes and had the west going gaga over him, suddenly turned into a fanboy for Ajay Devgn. That was the impact that the Singham star had on this young star.

After waiting for nearly half an hour, Ajay returned from shoot and invited all of us into his vanity van. And the moment that Sunny had dreamt of for a long time, was finally here. As soon as we entered the van, Ajay was all smiles and greeted Sunny rather warmly. Their chat was funny as well as cute. Sunny relayed his experience of working in Lion and being in America to Ajay. Also read: Lion movie review: Dev Patel, Sunny Pawar and Nicole Kidman’s heartfelt performances make it a gut-wrenching experience

Check out the pictures below:

EXCLUSIVE: #Bollywoodlife makes Sunny Pawar’s dream come true! Here are pictures of #Lion meeting #Singham! pic.twitter.com/CB5K0wYjwC

— BollywoodLife (@bollywood_life) March 23, 2017

EXCLUSIVE PICS: @LionMovie actor #SunnyPawar always wanted to meet his screen idol @ajaydevgn! And we made his dream come true! pic.twitter.com/3kS42el45Y

— BollywoodLife (@bollywood_life) March 23, 2017

But the highlight of the meet was when Sunny told Ajay about his favourite movie being Singham and mouthed the same dialogue that he had said in front of me two months ago. And even the usually sombre Ajay Devgn couldn’t hold back his laughter.

Check out the video below:

EXCLUSIVE: #Lion #SunnyPawar always wanted to meet his idol #Singham @ajaydevgn. So we made it happen! pic.twitter.com/JMRdMmWM7f

— BollywoodLife (@bollywood_life) March 23, 2017

Overall, it was an out of the world experience for Sunny, for he finally met his screen idol and for me for I got be the link between their much adored union.