Jab We Met is without a doubt one of India’s finest romantic comedies. The film upon its release reached soaring heights of success, a big thanks to the lead pair Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shahid Kapoor, and their cuddle worthy chemistry. Can you imagine anyone else in the roles of Geet and Aditya in Jab We Met? I think not, but here comes the shocker. In a recent interview to Huffington Post, Bobby Deol revealed that he was to star in the Imtiaz Ali directed film, and he was the one who approached Kareena Kapoor for the role, and the production house Ashtavinayak. Whoa! Then what happened? Here’s the latest gossip…

Bobby Deol said that he loved Socha Na Tha and met Imtiaz. Bobby praised the filmmaker’s work and proposed to work together. Imtiaz offered him the script of JWM, which was then called Geet, and told him that he is looking for financiers. Bobby requested the production house Ashtavinayak to bring Imtiaz, Geet and Kareena Kapoor on board. But the production refused saying Imtiaz would make an “expensive film”, and Bobby also revealed that Kareena “didn’t even want to meet Imtiaz.” Shocker! Thereafter, Preity Zinta was approached for the movie and she was ready to do it but only after wrapping up her prior commitments – which was going to take 6 months. So how Did Kareena and, more shockingly, Shahid Kapoor come into the picture?

“Days passed. And suddenly I read that Ashtavinayak has signed Imtiaz for Jab We Met and Kareena is doing the film! And she had gotten her then boyfriend, Shahid Kapoor to act opposite her. I was like, wow. Quite an industry. We were also to do Highway together but he again did his own thing. But I have no hard feelings against him. He is a great director and doing so well. We’re still friends. But I always tell him: ‘Imtiaz, I won’t watch any of your films until you make one with me. That’ll be your best film,” Bobby further added. Yep! Just out of the blue, the production house chucked Bobby, and Preity – and signed Kareena and Shahid.

This might take a moment to settle in. Bobby Deol was not only to star in Jab We Met, but also in Highway! Hard to imagine how Bobby would have fared in these two films.

Is is just me or so much of Jab We Met talk making everyone crave for a dekko of Jab We Met?  It certainly making me check it out for the nth time perhaps. Meanwhile, you tell us which pair suits Jab We Met the best?

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