Oscars 2017 was not all about the goof up that happened during the announcement of Best Film winner. While it was definitely a huge headline snatcher, actress Blanca Blanco’s wardrobe malfunction comes a close second. It all happened at the red carpet when the actress decided to go commando in a thigh-high split Cinderella-style ball gown. As she posed for the pictures, the dress fell open and nothing was left to the imagination of those present at the venue and million others watching the event live. Full marks to the actress for she was unfazed by the malfunction and continued on her way to the main venue. Now, a day after the incident, she spoke to dailymail.com and said that she was left mortified after her dress slipped aside on the Hollywood red carpet.

Blanco Blanca, who made an appearance with her beau, John Savage, insisted she was not pulling any stunt and that she was just hoping to make it to the best-dressed list this year. She also maintained that she was wearing underwear underneath. She told DailyMail.com, “I had a bodysuit on, it as like a swimsuit, for some reason the pictures are looking like I have nothing.” She further added, “It was a nude color, it matches my skin, so I wasn’t naked.”

She also clarified that it was not a publicity stunt. She said, “I didn’t think ”I’m going to expose myself at the Oscars, that was not the idea. It was not a strategy or anything. The Oscars is very important event and it is my dream to someday be there as a nominee and I respect the Oscars. I would not think of just going naked.”

She further added, “Because I had the swimsuit underneath I didn’t even think much of it but when I was walking forward I grabbed the dress because I realized it was slipping and moving up. When I was watching the show people were texting me and saying ”You are like everywhere, they are saying you don’t have underwear” and I was like ‘What? Oh my god, this is so embarrassing.’” Also read: Oscars 2017 host Jimmy Kimmel hilariously breaks down the Moonlight – La La Land goof up – watch video

She also said that she just wanted to be in the list of best-dressed celebs. “Two years ago I went to the Oscars and for some reason they didn’t like my outfit… So I was in the Worst Dressed category. I was hoping that this year it would be different. I wanted something different but I didn’t expect the split to get more attention. I know it is high but it is a common slit that people are wearing. I think maybe I wouldn’t have had the split as high,” she rues.