It’s yet another bright day at the Bigg Boss 10 house. The contestants wake up to the song Maine Paidal Se Ja Raha Tha. We have to give a round of applause to whoever picks the songs for the morning alarm. Such lovely songs, each day. I hope I was surprised with a kitsch Bollywood song every morning.

After waking up contestants realise that there is no water in the house, not even in the loo. The gas stoves aren’t working either. And then contestants are introduced to a new weekly task. The four nominated contestants would have to cycle all day in order to keep the gas and water running. Yep! Hell week for Jason Shah, Rahul Dev, Bani J and Elena Kazan.

While cycling Jason tells Bani and Om Swami that he would want Mona Lisa to hit on him. And that she must have had a lot of boyfriends, he feels.

A new captaincy task is announced. Every contestant will have a test tube containing coloured water, that represents some other contestants name. After every alarm, one contestant’s test tube will need to be emptied.

Here is who has whose test tubes-

Mona Lisa – Gaurav Chopra

Manveer – Sahil Anand

Manu Punjabi – Nitibha Kaul

Gaurav Chopra – Manu Punjabi

Om Swami  – Manveer Gurjar

Lopamudra Raut – Mona Lisa

Nitibha Kaul – Lopamudra

The first alarm goes off and Manu empties Sahil’s test tube thus snatching away from the chance of being a captain. His reasoning is that Sahil is new and would take time to adjust to the house rules.

Nitibha finds out that contestants are plotting against her, after hiding behind the couch and over hearing the conversation.

Second alarm goes off, and Manveer empties Nitibha’s test tube.