And Manveer Gurjar emerges a winner of Bigg Boss 10 finally! The commoner who entered the house as a complete different person talks about his journey in the house and how the show has changed him. The Bigg Boss 10 winner told Hindustan Times,” When I went inside I changed completely. I was short tempered initially and people were really scared and Salman Khan also pointed out that thing. I thought if I am going to stay in the house with the same attitude as I was outside the house, then I won’t be able to stay in the game. Then I decided to go on the backfoot and tried that the other contestants make mistakes in a task or behaviour. That is what I did. I played more with my heart than my mind.”

Though slowly, but Manveer’s popularity grew to another level. The commoner turned celebrity won a lot of hearts and respect in the show. Who would have thought that a short-tempered gaav ka chora will go on to winning Salman Khan’s reality show. One of the highlights of his journey in the house was when he was groomed. Manveer reacts to that saying,” A couple of days back they had a grooming session and the stylists cut my hair and beard on their own. I was so angry at them and had they met me outside the house, I would have given it back to them. However, I knew that that it was the show’s decision, so I did not react. Now when I go home, I am going to grow my beard again and groom it my way.” (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Manveer Gurjar has bagged the winner’s trophy but there’s a catch – view pic)

Manveer talks about his fan boy moments in the house when celebrities told him that he was their favourite contestant. He says,” I kept asking myself that at what point should I feel that I can win the show. After getting to know from guest celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha and Shraddha Kapoor that I am their favourite, I gained some confidence that I too have made a difference.”

Now that the show is over the Bigg Boss 10 winner is elated to back to eating home-cooked meals,” I missed my family all this while and if there is anything I missed the most, it was home cooked meals. I want to go back home and eat maa ke haath ke bane kadhi chawal.” He also plans on venturing into films and said,” I haven’t thought about acting in television shows or films, but if something comes my way and my talent matches it, then I might do it.” (ALSO READ: Manveer Gurjar – From a common man to the most popular contestant of Bigg Boss 10)