Aam aadmi Manveer Gurjar emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss 10. The Noida based farmer and businessman won hearts with his honesty and straightforwardness. In an interview with DNA, when asked what is the first thing that he wants to do after getting out of the house, he said he is looking forward to meet his family members, who he hasn’t seen since last four months. He feels he never imagined he would end up winning the show. He revealed that it was only mid-way through the show that he started thinking about winning it. Manveer feels, if not him, then his best friend Manu Punjabi should have won ‘Bigg Boss’ title. He believes that their contribution was the highest among all the other contestants.

When asked who according to him are the three contestants who didn’t deserve to be on the show, Manveer said, “Two people you already know – Swami Om and Jagga because of their antics. If I have to name one more person, it is a celebrity and that’s Gaurav Chopra. That’s because there were a lot of expectations from him. Even in the show both of us had problems with each other and they never got cleared. I think he was conscious about his image and did not give much to the show – he remained an actor only.”

He said he will like to stay in touch will all the contestants, especially the non-celebrity contestants. “I will try and keep in touch with all the commoners from the house Manu, Mona, Nitibha and Lokesh barring Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga, “he said. Ask him what are his future plans, he says he is ready to move to Mumbai or Delhi if people want him to entertain them.