Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar has been in the news for quite some time and not just for winning Salman Khan’s reality show. Adding to all the controversy is a video posted by a fan where Manveer is caught using abusive language. He even points to his head where he had injured himself during a captaincy task and got five stitches. He boasts of his injury and it seems like he used abusive language while talking to a friend. Well, someone really needs to get used to stardom now. Manveer won a lot of hearts along with winning the show but it seems like everything is backfiring now.

First, a video of Manveer’s wedding goes viral and now a video of him throwing abusive words on people does rounds. We wonder if Manveer’s much spoken about transformation in the show was just for the game or has he actually changed. Manveer’s family and friends had planned a grand welcome for him in Noida and he even got mobbed by fans. So much that he ended up injuring himself after a fall, thanks to the selfie-struck crowd. Take a look at the video that the fan posted. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar’s grand welcome in Noida takes an unfortunate turn – read details here)

#bb10 #manveergujjar oh my god! Bhai ko samjha do ab ye public figure hai… #bigboss

— rsmehra 💻💪🍔 (@ramsinghmehra) January 31, 2017

Now that’s not very pleasant to watch. And we totally understand why the fan was so disappointed in the commoner turned celebrity. But the bigger news is Manveer’s married life. Manveer’s wedding video which went viral leading to speculations about his personal life is creating quite a stir. Though Manveer’s family claims that the video has been doctored and that he is not married, Manveer has not spoken about it to the media yet. In fact, Manveer has gone into hiding ever since the news broke out.

According to our source,” Manveer’s family along with a huge number of people from his hometown were eagerly waiting for him, but he decided to meet his friends first. This hasn’t gone down well with his father, who is quite pissed with Manveer. They are trying to contact him, but he has switched off his phone and has refused to leave his friend’s farmhouse.” The Bigg Boss 10 winner has suddenly become a mystery.

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