There is dirth of eye candies this time amongst the male contestants in Bigg Boss 10. We are not saying that the current contestants aren’t good looking but no one is per se HOT. So filling in that void is the wild card contestant Jason Shah. He is a British based Indian model, who oozes hotness with his perfect jawline and washboard abs. He has a great bod and women should look forward to him flaunting it in the house. Jason has featured in numerous adverts and modelling photoshoots, and you must remember him from some pic you saw somewhere. But we bet you absolutely missed out on his connection with Bollywood babe Katrina Kaif. Here is the dope-

Jason wants to be an actor, and the point has been made clear by the fact that he has a degree in acting from New York Film Academy. He has a very miss and blink role in Katrina Kaif‘s film Fitoor. The super hot model played Aarif’s friend in the film. Remember Aditya Roy Kapur’s first morning in Mumbai and he is introduced to a bunch of British people. Right there in that scene is Jason Shah sitting shirtless in the frame. Aren’t you jealous? With  a bod like that which you can flaunt any time you want by merely unbuttoning a few buttons of your shirt. Coming back to the topic, that is Jason’s Katrina Kaif connection. He starred in Fitoor in a minor role, and yes many of us almost missed it. Also Read: Bigg Boss 10 wild card contestant Jason Shah’s girlfriend sends love before he enters the house -view pic

jason shah in fitoor 1 jason shah in fitoor 2

Jason also has posted pictures with Aditya from the sets, and was quite impressed by the actor it seems.

What do you think? How will Jason Shah fare inside the Bigg Boss 10 house? He will certainly be a treat for the eyes, and we can bet on that. In case you need more convincing follow this link to find 10 hot pictures of man that will certainly make you his fan.