Om Swami Maharaj’s infamous antiques are a common sight in the Bigg Boss 10 house but things took a bad turn last night after Rohan Mehra, as a captain, nominated Om Swami along with Lopa Mudra, Monalisa and Nitibha.

All was going fine till Rohan got appreciated by Bigg Boss for successfully completing the Luxury Budget BB gold mine task and got his captaincy extended to one week. All hell broke loose when Rohan allocated 2 punishments to Om Swami & jail to Nitibha with the former not taking it to well & hurling abuses & raising questions on Rohan’s ‘Sanskaar & Khandaan’. It’s bit of a surprise to see Rohan keep his calm & deal it the right way with support of other inmates as they can no longer stand Baba’s indecent behaviour & foul language. Bigg boss also intervened warning Swami.

Rohan’s father who is closely watching every episode is surely miffed, ‘People do lose their sanity when confined in the house but never before has Bigg Boss witnessed this kind of insanity. Om Swami has crossed his line this time but good to see everyone unite & stand against him. I’m hoping Salman will give him his piece of mind.’

But he’s also confident of Rohan being unaffected, ‘Rohan is a sensible boy. I was relieved to see him keep his cool & handle the whole situation without having to stoop down to his level. But it’s time Swami mends his ways before people start losing their cool.’

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