As expected, Priyanka Jagga’s re-entry inside the Bigg Boss house is causing a lot of sparks. This time, the lady is playing the cliche that is divide and rule, and it is working for her. After all, cliches become cliches for a reason because they always worked. Jagga is going all out to make sure that Manveer Gurjar, Manu Punjabi and Mona Lisa’s friendship goes down the drain.

Now recently, while interacting with Manu, Priyanka ended up kissing him. Before you get your thoughts running helter skelter, let us tell you that she kisses him only on the shoulder. Taken aback by her action, Manu went and complained to Mona Lisa and Manveer about the same. Being his best pals, they told him to ask Priyanka to stay in her limits. Manu then reached out to Jagga and told her that she is a mother of two and she shouldn’t resort to such things for attention. Priyanka being Priyanka told him that it was just an accident and she never intended to kiss him. She added that her lips might have brushed him accidentally. It didn’t end there. She threw more shade at him by telling him that he has no right to correct her actions because he is the one who goes around holding Mona Lisa’s hands and kissing her whenever there is a chance. Ouch! That was a low blow. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 contestant Rohan Mehra DETHRONED from captaincy for the entire season – find out why)

Priyanka then goes up to her confidante Om Swami and bitched about Manu, Mona and Manveer. Mona happened to listen to their conversation and it soon snowballed into a heated argument. Guess, we are in for some major drama on tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 10.