Much to the disappointment of the majority of the viewers, Priyanka Jagga has returned to Bigg Boss 10 last night. And the lady has already started playing some dirty mind games with her fellow contestants. Her first target was Mona Lisa, who as we all know, shares a strong bond with Manveer Gurjar and Manu Punjabi. And this friendship is something that Priyanka doesn’t want to last inside the house as she told Manveer that there will be a trio, but either it will be Manu-Priyanka-Manveer or Manu-Mona-Manveer. She clearly told him that she can’t stay in the same group with Mona. Not just that, she further told Manveer that the two of them, that is Priyanka and Manveer, have become one team and eventually, Manu will have to choose one of the two ladies. She explained to Manveer that the situation will arise automatically when a fight will crop up between Manu and Mona. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Priyanka Jagga back to playing UGLY games, tries to break Manu Punjabi’s engagement)

She continued saying that the three of them used to have chats that were interesting for all three. However, now she failed to understand that what kind of conversations they have with Mona. She finally said that the Manu-Mona-Manveer trio will have to be broken.

Not just Manveer, Priyanka is also making sure to play with Manu’s mind as we told how you she was misguiding Manu by informing him that his fiancee (Priya Saini) has stopped watching the show coz of Mona Lisa and that she is very upset with his relationship with Mona Lisa. Yes, in fact that’s not all! Adding more fuel to the fire, Jagga also provoked Manu against recently eliminated contestant Lokesh Kumari Sharma stating how she called her post her eviction and was shocked to find out that Lokesh cannot stop accusing Manu and Manveer of cheating on her. Gosh, the lady has definitely come back with some strong plans and is making sure that they are implemented, even if means breaking the current bonds.

Will Manu and Manveer succumb to her tactics and leave Mona? We hope not.