Bigg Boss 10 host Salman Khan recently called out the show’s celebrity contestants — Rahul Dev, in particular — for being ‘boring’ and ‘lazy’ and performing tasks ‘pathetically’. Rahul took the tongue-lashing to heart, even getting into an argument with Om Swami. His fiancée Mugdha Veira Godse tells us why she feels Salman’s advice was unwarranted and why she feels Rahul did nothing wrong.

How do you find Rahul on Bigg Boss?
He is settling in, but I know his discomfort. For him, this is work and he is giving his 100 per cent to it… I do get emotional and miss him a lot, but not during Bigg Boss hour. (Also Read: Bigg Boss 10 26th November 2016 Episode 42 LIVE Updates: Gautam Gulati and Mandana Karimi applaud Bani J)

Salman chided him for lazing around. Your take?
I didn’t see that episode. I saw all the updates on Twitter. Having said that, I want to add that Salman is entitled to his opinion. I agree with what Rahul is doing. I feel it’s better to stay put than getting into other’s business and start a fight for no reason. The format of the show is to be interactive, only fighting and yelling is not entertainment and jokes; fun, tasks, emotions, friendship bonding laughter too, offer entertainment. And everybody (Rohan Mehra and Karan Mehra) called ‘lazy’ by Salman were very active in their tasks. Rahul, too!

Does Rahul help around the house?
He likes to relax at home since we have long hours of shooting schedules. Plus, he is not at all a kitchen guy, anyway. Rahul doesn’t even know how to boil water, but he loves his clothes and washes them personally and cleans the house. He hates clutter and his aesthetic sense is amazing!

How is Rahul’s personality in real life?
He is an honourable man, always very calm and composed. What I love about him is that he is as straightforward as it can get. He is very clear and focused in his thoughts and acts. There is no confusion in his head about anything. He knows what he wants. Rahul is my center of gravity and my fashion meter…

Do you think he can win?
He definitely can, but Lopamudra, Gaurav and Manu are strong contenders, too. I doubt he would like to go down that road just for a win…

Was it a bad decision for him to go on the show?
No, no, not at all! People have only seen the calm side of him. The angry and funny side to him he is gradually revealing. Rahul can be extremely humorous and his fight with Om Baba showed us that. Even saying tatti jalebi… humoured all of us and made us laugh. (Also Read: Bigg Boss 10 26th November 2016 Preview: Salman Khan walks out of the show in anger, courtesy Swami Om!) 

Why did Rahul go on the show? Was it for his son’s education?
He has his reasons and yes, one of them, was his son Siddharth’s education. He is studying abroad and Rahul needs the money to support his education.

Would you go on Bigg Boss?
Never! I am an extremely emotional person and will be worse than Mona. I will just go on crying and only crying (laughs)… It’s not my cup of tea at all. I can’t retaliate or fight like they do on the show. I used to be like that but not anymore as I am into yoga, meditation and spiritualism. But then again — you can never say never!

What do you think of the other contestants? Who is your favourite apart from Rahul?
My favourite was Lokesh. I found her very clean-hearted but came across as yedi. It’s a Marathi term for a ‘sweet fool’. She may not be able to speak well and come across as weird but I know how it is when you lack words to express yourself. I’m from a Marathi medium school and it took me a lot to learn English and Hindi fluently so I can understand what she went through… The rest — Bani, Gaurav, Rohan and Karan are good. On Om Swami I will say no comments. The rest of the housemates I couldn’t care much to watch as I find them all noise makers.

When are you and Rahul getting married?
Do you mean when are we signing the legal paper for our relationship? (laughs) Because I feel married in my head already… I don’t know when we will sign the piece of paper to legalise our relationship. For me, it’s just a formality. Marriage, to me, is just a legal bond.

What are you working on now?
I’m working on two web series and both have interesting concepts. I am looking for good content on TV. I want to do good roles. Cinema is changing and I would like to be part of that change as well. Films-wise, I am yet to find a script which really can tap me as an actress. Post Fashion, I haven’t found any.

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