So the grand finale episode with Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan has been shot and a glimpse of it on the Kaabil actor’s social media account left us awe-struck. He has put up a really adorable picture of himself with Yami Gautam and Salman. It was HR who clicked the picture with a selfie stick. It’s such an amazing snap. Hrithik looking as handsome as ever in a suit and is pointing at Salman and so is Yami while the Sultan star is flaunting some swag. This will be remembered forever as the most loveliest picture ever on Bigg Boss.

But more than that it’s the message that Hrithik wrote which will make you leave a silent sigh. He writes, “Kaun Shahenshah, kaun Sultan. At the end of it, we are all brothers. Me and Yami Gautam had an absolute blast on the sets with the one and only Salman Khan! #BiggBoss #dontjudgetheselfiestick.” He wrote cutely, don’t judge the selfie stick. Hrithik really likes creating unusual hash tags it seems. Remember #Iamwithyoupapa? It’s so adorable! Anyway, moving on, this picture proves that everything is fine between Salman and Hrithik. The Tubelight actor had even tweeted about Kaabil.

It’s always lovely to see superstars bond. After all, that’s what we fans want. Isn’t it?