Bani J and Yuvraj Thakur might not be talking very openly about their relationship, but there are more than subtle hints out there that just put a lot of more stock in the rumours of their relationship. We got in touch with Yuvraj soon after Bani first announced (not in direct terms) their relationship, but back then Yuvraj refused to comment on the affair and said, “I would not like to talk about this matter.”

Then Bani confirmed the relationship, this time very directly, as she was spotted with a picture of Yuvraj with her in the luggage room of the Bigg Boss house away from her fellow housemates. So we decided to contact Yuvraj again and this time, he spoke, again not very openly, but at least he spoke about Bani for the first time. We asked him about Bani’s stint on Bigg Boss 10 and here’s what he said, “I haven’t been watching the show. The only updates I get are through social media where people keep tagging me on the posts related to her. So I don’t want to say anything right now. She is there and I am here. The day she comes back we’ll resume again, we’ll think. I know it sounds a little twisted relationship, but that’s how I am.” (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: These pictures prove that Bani J is missing her alleged boyfriend terribly)

It’s good to see that the two are slowly coming out in the open about each other slowly and slowly by every passing day. For the uninitiated, the two started off as gym buddies, but gradually found love in each other. In fact, the love is so much that Bani is often spotted wearing her significant other’s T-shirt quite often.

Bani and Yuvraj definitely make a cute yet hot couple. Mutual thoughts?