Bani J and Yuvraj Thakur’s relationship is not a secret anymore. Both have dropped quite a few hints that confirm their love affair. But remember how it all started? It all began with a T-shirt. For those of you who don’t know, Bani is often spotted cuddling her boyfriend’s T-shirt inside the Bigg Boss house. While we all knew that this tee really means something to Bani, her boyfriend has now come out in the open and talked about this infamous T-shirt.

While Bani is slowly coming out in open about her love life, Yuvraj on the other hand has kept mum, until today. Yes, we contacted Yuvraj earlier in the morning and asked him to finally clear the air about their relationship. This time he didn’t give us his “no comments” answer as he finally spoke about the relationship, not in direct terms of course. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: These pictures prove that Bani J is missing her alleged boyfriend terribly)

It is during this EXCLUSIVE conversation, we also asked about his T-shirt that Bani has with her inside the glass walled house. And here’s what he said, “Yes, that’s a T-shirt, which is close to my heart and that’s why she has it.” Awww, how cute is that. The t-shirt is a symbol of their love, it seems.

We like how these two are slowly coming out in the open about each other every passing day. For the uninitiated, the two started off as gym buddies, but gradually found love in each other. We are just hoping that they finally admit to their relationship and Yuvraj enters the house and surprises her. Don’t you want that too?