Bigg Boss 10 witnessed not one, bur four wild card entries this weekend. Jason Shah, Sahil Anand, Elena Kazan and ex-contestant Priyanka Jagga set foot inside the Bigg Boss house, however they were not given full access to the glass walled house as they had to earn their spot by beating four housemates in a task.

Yes, adding a twist to the nominations ki prakriya this week, Bigg Boss asked each of the wild card contestants to name one of the contestants who they would like to challenge. They had to pick names from the housemates who were nominated last week. Knowing their biggest competitors, Jason chose Gaurav Chopra, Elena selected Nitibha Kaul, Sahil targeted Rahul Dev and Priyanka picked Bani J. Since no one picked his name, Manveer Gurjar was declared safe. As a part of their challenge, a task named Dome was introduced wherein all the eight contestants were required to sit inside a dome in their respective challenger pairs, with the first person to leave the dome being nominated for the week’s evictions. (ALSO READ: Boyfriend Yuvraj Thakur wishes Bani J in the most romantic way possible! Could she have asked for more on her birthday?)

It was quite an interesting task. Last time when the contestants were put in a similar situation, Priyanka especially grabbed headlines as she ended up peeing to win the task. And history did repeat itself (not the peeing part), but Priyanka again managed to beat Bani by being inside the dome for a longer time than her. Nitibha, Sahil and Gaurav also won their task, and as a result Jason, Elena and Rahul joined Bani in the danger zone this week. And here’s the sad part. These four nominated contestants have been sent to jail, and they might have to be there till the weekend. Damn.

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