In an emotional turn of events last night, Rohan Mehra got evicted from Bigg Boss 10. The actor opened up about co-contestant Bani J exclusively with us and said that she is extremely difficult to stay with. He says,” Bani is extremely selfish and in fact, should be the least liked contestant in the show. Even if you are friends with her, she makes things very difficult with her endless taunts. It is very difficult to stay with her in the house.” The actor is clearly not happy with his co-contestant and never was. One might argue that he naturally hates her because he is best friends with Lopamudra Raut but Rohan did support Bani when he had to.

Rohan and Bani were pitted against each other nominations during this mid-week evictions. The eviction happened during the Mela task where the task was halted during midnight. After Rohan’s eviction the task will resume again. Lopa broke down after Rohan’s eviction and even said that she wants to quit the show as there is nothing left for her in the house anymore. Rohan also told us that his friendship with Lopa was not just for publicity and that they will definitely meet each other even after the show. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Mehra EVICTED, Bani J becomes the fourth finalist)

Rohan is not the only contestant who has a problem with Bani’s behaviour. A lot of other contestants have complained about her rude behaviour and have expressed their dislike towards her. While speaking about Bani’s huge fan base, Rohan expressed,” I don’t understand how people support her.” The actor was really hoping that he would get to be one of the finalists after surviving in the show for 102 days but fate had something else planned for him.

Rohan has often expressed, with Lopa, how Bani keeps victimising herself in the show. Though the housemates were against it, Manu and Manveer eventually started liking Bani and in fact, praise her now for playing the show all alone. What are your thoughts on what Rohan feels about Bani? Post them in the comments below and stay hooked with us for more.