Bigg Boss 10 got it’s winner last night and it was Manveer Gurjar, who picked up the trophy and the prize money of Rs 40 lakh. The fight was between Lopamudra Raut, Bani J and Manveer in the end. While Lopa was declared as the second runner-up, Bani, who was expected to win Bigg Boss 10 was announced as the first runner-up by Salman Khan. On one hand where Manveer’s fans are celebrating his victory, Bani’s huge number of fans, who voted for her aggressively are majorly disappointed with the makers because they think Manveer’s win was rigged by them. So much that some of the fans have started #BoycottColorsTV on Twitter in protest of Bani’s loss. Here’s what her fans are saying:

#BoycottColorsTV ds z fake channel wd fake shows manveer was scripted winner hate u big boss colors hv to apologise

— Navita Sharma (@NavitaSharma19) January 30, 2017


#BoycottColorsTV. U did not do good. Our winner is Bani… #BaniJ#GauaharKhan. #BiggBoss10#BaniJudge#BaniMyWinner

— Faiz Alam (@AlamTeddy) January 30, 2017


I told my mother earlier, if bani wins, that’s bcz of her huge fan following. If manveer wins, colorstv is playing us. #boycottcolorstv

— Tenzin dl (@dl_tenzin) January 29, 2017

Although Bani didn’t manage to win Bigg Boss 10, but for a lot of people she is the winner. Take a look:

@bani_j You Won! In my heart and in the hearts of Many. Much love ❤️ #BB10

— Andy (@iAmVJAndy) January 29, 2017

She hasn’t won the show, but @bani_j has won so many hearts. Crying right now,but it’s ok because for me and many others she is the winner❤️

— Atiya Nayak (@atiyanayak) January 29, 2017


@bani_j You don’t need a title to know that u r a winner.

— Archana ⚡👔 (@Archie0507) January 30, 2017

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