We have seen Om Swami slut shame the women especially Mona Lisa inside the Bigg Boss house quite often. And the self styled Godman has even earned a flak from the viewers, fellow contestants and even the Bigg Boss 10 host Salman Khan in equal measure for his constant character assassinations on the ladies. It was already getting difficult for Mona Lisa to deal with Om Swami’s demeaning statements, now another contestant has been passing random but extremely insulting comments about the Bhojpuri heroine.

According to a report in DNA, Jason Shah, who entered the Bigg Boss house this weekend as a wild card contestant was heard telling others that he feels Mona is trying to hit on him. He also added that it is visible in her eyes. Now everything was cool till here. But what he said next is shocking. He said that Mona is a Bhojpuri actress and must have dated a lot of other men. But she’s never had the luck to date a firang and now she wants one which is why she is trying to hit on him. If it’s true that he made such statements, then it’s quite shameful. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10: Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar EXPOSE Om Swami)

We wonder how will Salman Khan react to this? We have seen him lash out at Om Swami for making such insulting statements. Will Jason also bear the brunt of the BB10 host this weekend? We really hope he does. For a guy, who has lived abroad all his life, his statements have definitely come as a surprise. We just pray that he doesn’t end up hurting more women by passing more demeaning comments.

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