The four wild card entrants – Priyanka Jagga, Jason Shah, Sahil Anand and Elena Kazan begin their journey inside the Bigg Boss 10 house. Well, Priyanka Jagga begins her re-journey inside the house but we seriously don’t want to get in that was it fair or not discussion again. Let’s take the things as they come. And so far, so good (We know it’s been less than 72 hours but still). The wild card entrants had to choose one contestant each out of the loser team from last week’s task and challenge them for a task.

The Dome Task: This looked like it is inspired by Stephen King’s novel Under The Dome. But actually the first time this task came into place, it was Celebrity Big Brother season 14 in UK. The task was quite loved by the fans there but the Indian version did not quite live up to that benchmark. While the final contestants in the UK versions didn’t give up and both were announced to be winners, Bigg Boss’ version saw Rahul Dev, Bani J, Jason Shah lose the task to Sahil Anand, Priyanka Jagga, Gaurav Chopra respectively. C’mon guys! Only Bani and Priyanka seemed to give each other a tough fight, as compared to others. Nevermind! We might get to see more of these face-offs in the coming episodes, and we have high hopes from them. Just keep in mind guys Bigg Boss season 7 contestant Kamya Punjabi created a world record living under  a box for a task in her season. Also Read: Bigg Boss 10 28th November 2016 Episode 44 LIVE Updates: Bani J loses the task to Priyanka Jagga

Om Swami’s makeover: We see Om Swami give in to the temptation of non veg and eat eggs in the morning. When Manu argues about how could he do that as it is against his own beliefs and preachings, Om shows yet another example of his hypocrisy and fakeness. He says he will repent and cleanse himself once he is out. Manu suggest he give himself a full makeover and life life to the fullest in the house, and repent for all at once when he is out. Om anyway wanted that small push, so he agrees, eventually, for a makeover. Lopamudra Raut comes with scissors and combs and uses her styling magic on the self proclaimed Godman. Post the work, Om at least looks 10 percent more bearable than ever before. It is still a long journey for him to actually reach the nirvana of being bearable.

Jason Shah and Elena Kazan’s no show: The hottest entry of this season is without a doubt Jason Shah. Girls across the nation were eagerly waiting for the Brit hunk to enter the house. But turns out he was a total Mr India on his first day. No, not the pageant, that Anil Kapoor film where he is invisible. C’mon man! I worry he doesn’t becomes season 7’s Asif Azim or season 2’s Zulfi Syed. He needs to show off what God gave – good looks. People would have hardly remembered that Elena Kazan also entered the house. Thanks to Lopa, Rohan Mehra, Manu, Manveer making fun of her loud sneezing or else she would have had zero screen time in today’s episode.

Priyanka Jagga: She tries to create disturbance in the house for Mona Lisa by igniting hatred in Manu and Manveer’s heart for her. Girl! Stay calm for a day at least? The nation is still not over her pees-in-pants feminism. And she is already giving more reasons to hate her on her Day 1.