It’s the wild contestants’ first day in the Bigg Boss 10 house. The morning alarm was Mukkala Muqabla, which saw Om Swami dance his hearts out, quite energetically to it. Priyanka Jagga has not even entered the house premises properly and she is at it again already. she is using her sly ways to manipulate Manveer Gurjar and Manu Punjabi and turn them against Mona Lisa. Jason Shah is missing from the camera, for now.

Om Swami has turned to non-veg for now, as he feels hungry in the morning die to lack of breakfast. Manu asks him if eating non-veg not against his beliefs and religion. To which Om says it is, but he will mend it with reparation process once he is out. What a big hypocrite man! Please show exit door to this false Godman. Lopamudra Raut, Manu, Manveer, Rohan Mehra all make fun of Elena KAzan and her loud sneezes. Jason Shah is still playing it cool, not participating in the game. But we see a glimpse of him gelling up with the contestants.

Lopamudra Raut gives Om Swami a make over! Wish there was a makeover for his personality.

Bigg Boss asks the wild cards to challenge one of the nominated contestants for a face off task. Jason Shah picks Gaurav Chopra as he thinks he is like him. Elena Kazan picks Nitibha Kaul, Priyanka Jagga picks Bani J, and Sahil Anand picks Rahul Dev. Manveer is spared from nominations as no one picked him.

The first task is announced to be The Dome, where contestants will be locked in a dome, and whoever leaves the area first, loses. Contestants get inside the dome, as the task begins in the afternoon. By evening Rahul Dev gives up and gets out of his dome. He gave up very easily, we say. First winner of this task is obviously Sahil Anand.

Manu comes to talk to Priyanka, and she starts flirting with him. Priyanka says I have talked to your wife and she is okay with it. You are now getting two Priyankas. Ew!

Jason, due to bathroom urgency, comes out of the dome, making Gaurav Chopra a winner automatically. We don’t know why Om Swami is hugging every guy so tightly. He even placed a kiss on Sahil’s cheek.

At 3:30 am Bani and Priyanka continue to fight for the winner’s spot.