The final four contestants wake up to the song “Yaaron Ki Baraat”. Today’s episode will be dedicated to Bani J, Manveer Gurjar, Manu Punjabi, Lopamudra Raut will remembering their finest moments of their journey. First up is Manveer Gurjar who is called to the activity area, and is shown the best moments from his journey. He tears up on seeing pictures from the best moments. From his friendship with Manu Punjabi to his more-than-friendship with Nitibha Kaul – everything is shown to him. When the moment when his dad entered the show, with whom he was talking after 5 years, is shown, his eyes teared up even more.

He was one contestant inside the house who kept his friends close but enemies closer and even handled a difficult person like Swami Om with great patience and composure. He showed his unconditional love towards his friends Manu and Mona and their M3 gang ruled the hearts of the audience. His emotional side came to the fore when Manu made an untimely exit from the show because of a personal emergency and Manveer bid him an emotional goodbye. Bigg Boss also highlighted the scenario wherein Manveer made a truce with his father on the show and cried in front of him like a small baby. Manveer breaks down after watching his journey as Bigg Boss sets all the pictures ablaze and wishes Manveer good luck for the final phase of the game.