With the show nearing its finale, the four finalists – Bani J, Manveer Gurjar, Lopamudra Raut and Manu Punjabi are living each moment to the fullest. Last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 was quite an emotional ride as they re-lived their journey inside the Bigg Boss house. In case you missed it, here are the highlights. Take a look:

Manveer breaks down after watching his journey – First up was Manveer, who was called inside the activity area and was shown him his entire journey in a snapshot. One after the other, Bigg Boss threw a spotlight on different pictures capturing his highs and lows on the show. Starting from his entry inside the house as a dogged commoner, sporting a heavy beard, and a strong personality to maturing into a sensible and patient person, Manveer has come a long way in the show and displayed great passion in every task. He was one contestant inside the house who kept his friends close but enemies closer and even handled a difficult person like Swami Om with great patience and composure. He showed his unconditional love towards his friends Manu and Mona Lisa and their M3 gang ruled the hearts of the audience. His emotional side came to the fore when Manu made an untimely exit from the show because of a personal emergency and Manveer bid him an emotional goodbye. Bigg Boss also highlighted the scenario wherein Manveer made a truce with his father on the show and cried in front of him like a small baby. Manveer broke down after watching his journey as Bigg Boss set all the pictures ablaze and wished Manveer good luck for the final phase of the game.


Lopa thanks Bigg Boss after watching her journey – Up next, Lopa was called inside the activity and Bigg Boss took her through her journey. From entering the house sporting a crown along with co-contestant Swami Om to emerging as a strong contestant, Lopa’s journey was full of many exciting moments. She was one contestant who always called spade a spade and never minced words while maintaining a straight forward attitude. Her confidence was seldom taken otherwise by her fellow inmates but that never made her weak or fearful. Lopa’s  infamous fights and arguments with co-contestant Bani became an integral part of her journey but she always maintained her stand and gave her a tough competition. Bigg Boss also showed her few glimpses of her major fight with ex-contestant Priyanka Jagga and how she handled all her abuses with absolute grace. After watching her journey, tears of joy started trickling down Lopa’s eyes and she profusely thanked Bigg Boss for making every single time inside the house a memorable one. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 10 27th January 2017 Episode 103 LIVE Updates: Manveer Gurjar gets teary eyed on seeing the best moments of his journey


Manu cried out of happiness – Next one to grace the activity area was Manu who experienced a rush of emotions as Bigg Boss took him through his journey. From being the curator of the M3 gang to being a true friend to Manveer and Mona, Manu’s simplicity and hunger for winning every task made him stand out amongst other contestants. His special connection with Mona became the talk of the town and also drew a lot of criticism. While Manu was going strong in the show, he had to step out for a personal emergency but stroke back with more confidence even after surviving a big loss. Bigg Boss also showed him how Manu proved to be Manveer’s biggest support system and stood by him in his every endeavor. After catching a glimpse of his heart-warming journey, Manu cried out of happiness and thanked Bigg Boss making his journey so special and memorable.


Bani goes speechless – Lastly, Bigg Boss called Bani in the activity area and exhibited her journey. Sporting a muscular body and wearing saree over her track suit, Bani entered the house with oodles of confidence and fortitude. She was one contestant who was completely misunderstood and survived the entire season in solitude. Bani found a friend in co-contestant Gaurav and their love-hate relationship became a highlight of the season. But contrary to her physique, Bani showcased zero passion while performing tasks and gave up very easily. Bigg Boss also showed Bani that how her on and off fights with Lopa drew a lot of attention and even got her into the bad books of her fellow contestants. After watching her journey, Bani appears to be absolutely numb and speechless.


As the day comes to an end, the contestants discussed how they have lived together for more than 100 plus days and now they do not wish to go back to their normal lives.