Om Swami’s actions and over-the-top behaviour were the highlights of the week, and it was time for him to pay for his deeds. Yes, it’s time for yet another Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan, who is majorly pissed at the self styled Godman. Plus oblivious to the wild card storm that is about to take over the house, the housemates have mentally prepared themselves for the week’s eviction. Man, we are in for way too much entertainment on tonight’s Weekend Ka Vaar of Bigg Boss 10. But if you are unable to watch the show tonight, fret not! We have got the Live updates right here on BollywoodLife. Take a look:

The episode kickstarted with Bani J and Gaurav Chopra’s massive argument. The two, who have been friends got into a major war of words when Gaurav asked Bani to not to be so aggressive with her behaviour. This didn’t go down well with Bani, who got highly upset with Gaurav and asked him to maintain a distance from her. Oh no! This is sad. We are with Bani on this one. It’s her nature and she don’t need to put some other face for the cameras.

The contestants unanimously nominated Om Swami to sit on the Khalnayak Kursi even before Salman Khan could ask them. The drama continued as the unapologetic Swami willingly took the seat and faced the wrath at the hands of Salman. In a series of events, Swami got in a defense mode and continued to put across his point without letting anyone in the room or outside speak. Miffed with Swami’s behaviour, Salman applauded the housemates’ decision of boycotting him. He also stated that they should have taken this step long back but it is better late than never. Furthermore, Salman added some fun to the seriousness as he told Swamiji that the housemates are just jealous of his swag but also reminded him that he needs to take things easy as this is just a game and not the country’s border where he is fighting to save the nation.

The atmosphere turned serious again when Om Swami continued to interrupt Salman while he was talking to the other contestants. This was when Salman reached his tipping point and staged a walk out from the show.