Beyhadh start with Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) dancing in her room. Arjun (Kushal Tandon) is dancing in his haldi function with his family. Saanjh remembers whatever he said about his love for Maya and dances with grief. She falls down on the floor in tears. Arjun calls Maya (Jennifer Winget) and says his clothes are ruined. He asks her about her condition and if she needs help. Later, Arjun tells Maya that Saanjh did not come for the function and he is upset about it. Saanjh’s bro tells Arjun that shagun ki haldi for his function came from her. He did not even notice it. Maya overhears this and is annoyed.  Maya’s mother says that the haldi will come from Arjun’s home. She says we will do the Pooja first.

Ashwin (Rajesh Khattar) comes with a group of media people. He says Maya Baby… And walks in with the haldi. Jhanvi (Kavita Ghai) asks why is he here. He says father and daughter have been played together since childhood and Haldi is also a game. Maya looks on angrily. Jhanvi tells her not to get upset. Ashwin goes towards her wit the haldi and says we will start the ritual. Jhanvi tells him to stop. Her plate falls from her hands. He goes ahead with haldi, Maya remembers her childhood when he plastered cake on her face. She holds his hand and Ashwin tells her to hit him before the cameramen. She throws off his plate and runs away from the function. Ashwin says Maya Baby and cries how she rejected him. He tells the press that she accepted him days before and is now behaving badly. He says he is insulted as a father.

The footage is seen at Arjun’s home and everyone is shocked. The media says she has locked herself inside the room. Arjun says he is going to her home. Vandana says it is a bad omen for bride and groom to see each other on haldi. Arjun says he needs to go. He takes his haldi and goes. Vandana is petrified at the turn of events. Jhanvi tells guests to leave. She asks Ashwin what is his problem and why is he behaving like that. He says Arjun cannot save Maya and you from me. Jhanvi says I will call the police. He says I am not scared. He says I want fifty percent shares of the firm or else this marriage will not happen. He says if I reveal the truth no one will marry the mad girl. Maya breaks things in her room and is furious.

Jhanvi says he cannot do anything to you. Maya gulps down her pills saying that she is not mad. She says Arjun loves me and he will marry me come what may. She says I am not crazy and falls on the bed. Arjun reaches there…He sees the mess and enters her room. She is sprawled by the mirror and cries why doesn’t Ashwin leave me alone. Arjun says I am here. Maya says I want to be happy. Arjun says we will fulfill every ritual and I will fill every colour in your life. He lights up the candles and goes to her with the haldi. He is about to apply haldi on her but she says it is inauspicious. Arjun says our love is different and so are our rituals.