Beyhadh starts with Arjun (Kushal Tandon) meeting someone. Jhanvi (Kavita Ghai) tells Maya (Jennifer Winget) about Ashwin’s ghost. She is shocked. Maya says Ashwin is dead. Jhanvi says call him papa and not by his name. She says he is around. The inspector knocks the door. Jhanvi says they will arrest me. Maya says nothing will happen to you. She opens the door and the cop says it is time to go to jail. He says today you will be going and later someone else will go too. He looks at Maya. Maya says has the uniform disrobed you of your manners. Maya says do not touch my mom. He says I will handcuff her. Maya says you cannot take my mom till my lawyer comes.

The inspector says there is no rule like that. He says I have come with arrest warrant. Arjun and Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) walk in. She gives him the anticipatiory bail letter while Aunty says Aunty will live with us. Saanjh says I got your letter but you did not wait for my reply and came here to arrest Mrs Mehrotra. Arjun tells Maya to thank god. She says my mom is innocent.

Arjun tell Maya to go to the temple and pray now. Saanjh says she is going downstairs. Arjun calls up someone and says Aunty is with me. Saanjh asks Maya why does Aunty always say sorry to Ashwin. Maya says she thinks she is responsible for his death. Jhanvi tells Arjun that Ashwin is there. He says I know he is here. Maya asks Saanjh how can Ashwin come back from the dead. Jhanvi yells at Arjun to convince Maya about Ashwin’s presence. He says she is safe. A tantrik walks in and Arjun says he will make you talk to Ashwin. Jhanvi is shocked as Arjun says the tantrik will calm down Ashwin’s spirit. Maya prays to God to protect the family. Saanjh also prays for her and Arjun’s happiness. Vandana comes there and says Maya is a nautanki. She says Maya is responsible for all the mess and she is praying now.