Beyhadh starts with Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) opening the door thinking it is food order. Outside, it is Samay. She introduces him to the family. Suman hugs him. Samay (Piyush Sahdev) teases Ayaan about his escapade. Suddenly, they switch on the TV and hear of Maya’s domestic abuse from hands of her husband. Samay comes out of the washroom and sees them tensed. Vandana tells Shubh to concentrate on Samay seeing that news. Saanjh takes him outside. In the morning, Maya (Jennifer Winget) reads about domestic abuse reports in the papers. She is enraged. Maya says I will not spare anyone who badmouths Arjun. She tells her lawyers to make sure she gets an apology the next day.

Arjun (Kushal Tandon) also reads the paper in office and is furious. The staff is also talking about it. Arjun comes out and says he is a wife-beater and now he can hit them as well. Maya tells Jhanvi that the media is crazy. She says he loves me a lot. Maya tells her mom to say something. She says you never fought for me, whether it was before Ashwin or anyone else. Jhanvi weeps silently. At Saanjh’s home, Samay is making pakodas when she walks in with the paper. She shows the headlines to Suman and says he cannot do this. Suman says a guy who can leave his family for a woman can surely do this. Saanjh says he cannot do it. Samay comes there and puts the pakodas on the paper. He tells her to forget her past.

In the evening, Maya is straightening up her hair and says I will not let anyone fool Arjun in this world. Saanjh feeds Vandana the pakodas made by Samay. She tells Saanjh to come inside. Vandana tells her to forget Arjun but she says we are still friends. She says our bond has broken but our relationship is intact. Saanjh says maybe Arjun wants you to take a step ahead. In a press conference, Arjun is seeing praising Jhanvi Aunty and Maya for their contribution in his life. He says my love is ony Maya. She tells the press that Arjun and she are very much together. She gives him a peck on the cheeks and he also reluctantly kisses her back. She says there are no problems between us.

Vandana takes the remote from Saanjh’s hand and switches off the TV.  Arjun says I wish I was masculine enough to beat Maya. He says I am not that macho, he says I only love Maya. A reporter says an eyewitness say you holding her tightly. He again holds Maya tightly and kisses her. Maya says he was little drunk that night and he only loves me. Arjun says the conference is over. Maya says a bit of announcement is left. Maya says we were hiding something from you guys. She says there is a problem between us.