Maya (Jennifer Winget) tells Jhanvi’s doctor that the medicines he has prescribed to her are harmful. Arjun (Kushal Tandon)  asks Jhanvi’s doctor to tell him a way by which they can cure her. He suggests taking her to a psychologist. Arjun tells him she is not in a condition to be taken for counselling. He suggests him another treatment. Maya goes and throws Ashwin’s photo-frame from the balcony.

Arjun calls Vandana and asks her not to worry. She asks him to come back home. Arjun explains to her that Maya’s family is also his responsibility. She taunts him and says that his priorities have changed. Maya takes the phone and tells her that they will soon come back. Vandana tells her that she will be happy if Arjun comes back alone. Maya gets disappointed. Arjun asks her not to lose heart. Maya says she understands his mother’s insecurities.

Saanjh works late night on Ashwin’s murder case. She tells her brother that she can do anything for Arjun as he still loves him. Arjun tries to get romantic with Maya. She stops him. He scares her by saying that there is Ashwin behind her. She gets scared and asks him not to joke about this matter again. Arjun teases her for being such a coward and gets intimate with her. Jhanvi peeps into their bedroom and gets shocked to see Ashwin’s reflection on the wall.

Arjun calls someone and fixes a meeting with her. He goes and meets the person and asks if he has completed the task. ALSO READ: Beyhadh 24 February 2017, Written Update Of Full Episode: Jhanvi tries to commit suicide