Beyhadh begins with Maya (Jennifer Winget) saying that Arjun (Kushal Tandon) cannot escape her. She says he has to marry him. Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) overhears Ashwin (Rajesh Khattar) telling someone that they need to find complete information. She wonders what info he is looking for. Saanjh checks old folders. She gets a mail from the unknown sender who says she is on right track. She sees a folder that has a medical bill. It only has the name of the doctor. Saanjh wonders why everything is so secretive about her. Arjun says only a stupid will leave you. She says the first card is for Lord Ganpati. She says he only knows the true Maya.

Saanjh meets Dr Kadam and says if she is unwell then the transfer might be illegal. She shows him the medicine strip and bill. She says this is legal matter and a mentally unstable person cannot do transactions. Maya prays to god to support her in the marriage. Arjun says god has given me what I wanted and I am very happy. Maya prays that do not let anything happen that will ruin his love for me. The doctor says she is a depression patient and has tried to harm herself before. He says she can hurt others.

Saanjh takes him to a room and says Maya is hiding her issues. She shows him the school suspension letter. Maya sees this from outside. Saanjh says she was suspended and no teacher has any record of her. She tells Arjun about her antidepressants. Saanjh talks about the mail. Maya calls her mom at office. Saanjh says she is mentally unstable and can hurt people anytime. Saanjh says the mail read that your life is in danger and I took up this job. Saanjh says Arjun Maya… She enters and says Maya what…..

She walks in and Saanjh asks her about the medicines and medical reports. She gets nervous and asks from where did she find this? Saanjh asks if all this is true. Maya says you were hunting for all this in my bag. She says I thought you wanted something else. Maya says whatever Saanjh has said is true. She requests her not to tell others about it. She breaks down and Arjun goes behind her. At the terrace, she says I will not end my life. Arjun says why did you hide all this from me. Jhanvi says Maya did not trust the world. She says he has to love your reality, if he really loves you. Jhanvi says the world calls every mental problem as insanity. She says Maya stopped going to school after Ashwin broke my hand. She stayed home to look after me. She was expelled due to poor attendance. Ashwin then went to the school and beat her up savagely before her class calling her insane. He called her insane before the world. Jhanvi says I am a depression patient but she called herself one to get medicines and protect my image. Jhanvi says Maya always protected me but the world punished her. Mom and daughter hug.