Beyhadh begins with Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) wondering that why Maya’s (Jennifer Winget) medical insurance was rejected thrice. She gets another mail that assures her that she is on the right track. It hints that her past is there in her present and for Saanjh to discover. She thinks of asking Arjun (Kushal Tandon) something but does not find him in the cabin. She hears the staff saying that Arjun became rich just by falling in love. They are talking ill about him. She enters Maya’s room and hunts for clues. When a peon comes in, she hides behind a desk. The peon picks up stuff from the floor. Riya comes and asks him to hurry up. The peon says Maya’s medicines cannot be found that he will be sacked. Saanjh finds medicine strip and pushes it in view of the guy. The peon picks it and places it on the table. Arjun asks Maya to rethink the decision of transferring firm in his name. She says he has to trust her. She says let us take another vow that he has to believe in her more than him. He takes the oath.

Saanjh takes a snap of the medicine strip pic and takes it to a medical store. The man tells her it is an heavy anti-depressant that can be bought only with prescription. Saanjh calls insurance company and says she is the chief legal advisor of Maya’s firm and wants to know why he has rejected medical insurance for her. He says it is a secret. She says if he does not reveal the reason, she will sue them. He nervously says that Maya has psychiatric problem and is under psychiatric care since the age of nine. Saanjh is surprised and wants to say this to Arjun.

Maya looks at Arjun’s burnt hand and he says he does not mind getting hurt in these love tests. He gets romantic. Saanjh enters and tells Arjun that she needs to talk with him. Maya says she will leave. Arjun asks Saanjh to ask in front of Maya. Saanjh says it is about her salary. Arjun says he will give her the details tomorrow as he has shut shop for the day. Maya takes Saanjh to her cabin. Maya gives her a pendrive and asks to check legal documents stored in it. Saanjh spots a scar on Maya’s hand and asks her about it. She says she got in childhood when she was abused physically.

Saanjh walks down thinking about the insurance company manager’s words and scar. She sees Ashwin walking and wonders that he might known about it.

Arjun and Maya are in romantic mood when peon comes in. Maya says someone wants to take his permission to enter. Arjun tells him to enter. Peon brings wedding card. Arjun says he should get first card, he will not enter mandap. Maya angrily holds his collar and says this marriage will happen at any cost, if he does not come, she will bring mantap to him.