Beyhadh starts with Maya (Jennifer Winget) bringing Arjun (Kushal Tandon) home. She says relationships make us understand our limits. It is morning and Maya wakes up wearing a tee with Arjun face done on it. He is sleeping and she wants to kiss him and his tattoo. Maya stops and says I don’t want my bad breath to touch your heart. She puts the newspaper on his bedside and goes for a bath. Saanjh complains that Shubh has messed her room. She tells Suman that Samay is a perfect fit for her. She says he is as good as Arjun. Her parents confess that should they give the ancestral ring now to this guy.

Maya makes paratha for Arjun in desi ghee. He says give me poison that will be enough. Maya says even venom cannot kill my poison. She asks Arjun if he did not like the food. He asks what is going on in your wicked head. Maya tries to feed him but he refuses. Jhanvi feels bad seeing this. He holds her hand tightly. Arjun says I want you to go away from you. Maya says I love you and you are my life. She asks what do I get for lunch. He says divorce papers. Jhanvi is worried.

Maya tells Jhanvi that Arjun is joking and that he will never leave me. She says he harasses me due to love. Maya feeds Jhanvi. Maya is bruised due to Arjun. Saanjh sees Maya at a jewellery shop. She has come to get Arjun name drilled in a jewel. The shop girl says Saanjh madam and Maya looks up to see her. She is leaving and Saanjh says Maya. She gives her the mangalsutra that had fallen down. Sanjh sees the bruises and asks what happened. Maya says it happened after a wild night with Arjun. She says Arjun is very happy. Saanjh says Ayaan is getting engaged. Maya says Arjun will not come for the engagement. She says it was nice to see her. Saanjh remembers her relationship with Arjun and feels bad. Arjun has returned home and is cursing Maya’s obsession. He says Maya is a ghost that has made my life he’ll. She comes out with a cake and says happy anniversary. Arjun says we are happy from which angle. It is a surprise party for their anniversary. Maya says I love you. He says I hate you forever.