Beyhadh starts with Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) standing on the balcony. Samay (Piyush Sahdev) comes there. When he asks about Vandana, she says I told Arjun (Kushal Tandon) to take her home. Samay says this is uncharacteristic of you. She says wherever Maya (Jennifer Winget) is, there is no happiness. she says she is psycho and should be in mental hospital. Samay asks why did you not pick up when I called, she says I did not get your call. Suman calls them for lunch and Samay says he has to make a call. Samay calls up Maya and says how much will you torture me. Saanjh hears this. Maaya says if you don’t understand, I can make you understand in other ways.

Saanjh says where is my phone. It is in Samay’s pocket. Maaya tells Arjun that she will look after her Vandana. Arjun says we made a mistake bringing her here. He says she tried to attack you. Maaya says that was her anger and it is a matter of the past. She murmurs if you did not tell Ayaan (Sumit Bharadwaj) about us, he would not have misbehaved with me and all this would not happen. She says forget the past and let us move ahead in life. Maaya says I have changed, I want you to be with others. She says this is why I brought Vandana home. Arjun gets worried about his mom. She says if maa stayed with Saanjh, you would have to keep a relationship which is worthless. (Also Read: Beyhadh 20 April 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Vandana goes to Maya’s home as part of Saanjh’s plot to expose her)

Saanjh prays to God and says please don’t break my faith. She says please look after Vandana aunty. If something happens, I will not forget myself or you. At night, Vandana gets up to go out of the house and sees Maaya in the corridor. Maya says where were you going? She says I went to drink water. Maaya says everything is there in the room. Vandana says you want revenge from me. She says your mind is corrupted because of the Indian TV shows. This is why I did not keep a TV in the room. (Also Read: Beyhadh 19 April 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Arjun distances himself from his family to protect them from Maya)

Maaya takes Vandana throughout the house and shows her the cameras. Vandana gets very scared. Maaya takes Vandana to the bathroom and harasses her. Later, she puts her in bed and ties a watch on her to track her movements. Maaya also sees Vandana’s phone but is unable to open the password. She asks what is the need for so much security? Vandana remains mum. Saanjh calls but she does not pick up. At night, Vandana tries to make a call but remembers the cameras and stays quiet.