Beyhadh starts with Arjun (Kushal Tandon) saying Dusky spotting Saanjh (Aneri Vajani). He becomes quiet as he spots Maaya (Jennifer Winget) behind her. He hugs her. Arjun tells Saanjh that Vandana does not want to go home with him, she wants to go with you. Saanjh says she cannot be obstinate. She says you don’t want to take her home with you. Arjun says we want to but she is not willing. Saanjh says we are only neighbours, you are family. Maya remembers telling the doctors that she will take her mom-in-law home. She looks at Saanjh angrily and says she will talk to the doctors. Arjun tells Saanjh he cannot keep Maya and Vandana together. Saanjh says that is not my problem. She says you can send her to an old age home if you wish to. Arjun says how can you think I will send her off like that. Saanjh says you could send your brother to jail, sending her to an old age home is easy for you. She says I would not be so harsh if you weren’t so blind in your love for your wife. (Also Read: Beyhadh 19 April 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Arjun distances himself from his family to protect them from Maya)

Maaya comes from behind with Vandana on a wheelchair. She says Saanjh is right, we cannot change our decision. She says Vandana cannot recover in a neighbour’s home as she will in her son’s home. She says her bahu and son will look after her well. Maaya says this is the difference between loved ones and outsiders. What outsiders feel as obligation, loved ones take it as duty. Vandana begs Saanjh to take her home but she says I have promised Samay (Piyush Sahdev) that I only have place for him now in my heart. She says, at times, you have to let go of old relations to make new ones flourish. Saanjh tells Vandana to take care and walks off from the hospital. (Also Read: Beyhadh: 3 sequences that prove the Kushal Tandon-Jennifer Winget thriller is the hottest show on TV)

Maaya tells Vandana that she will be under scrutiny and she will look after her well. At home, Maaya tells Arjun that she will look after her well and tells him to attend the meeting. Maaya welcomes Vandana and reminds her of the time when she came to match kundlis and how they bribed the priest. She says I was written in his destiny, and now I am writing his destiny. Maaya takes Vandana to Jhanvi’s (Kavita Ghai) room. She says two of my moms are on wheelchairs. She tells Jhanvi that Vandana had a minor heart attack and it is nothing serious. Maya says Jhanvi ma, you were getting bored so I got company for you. I was thinking of getting a dog but this is better. She makes them shake hands. Maya says there is one mom who cannot speak and another who talks non-stop. Vandana is scared and Maya says do not worry as your son Arjun is with you. She says you will face no problems in this house and if you do then think it is a punishment. Maya takes Vandana to another room to rest.

Saanjh cries to Suman that she left Vandana with Maaya. Suman says you took the right decision as her attention will be diverted to you. She says maybe Vandana can explain things to him. Saanjh says his blindness in love has crossed all limits. Suman says Vandana does not need your tears but your wishes. In a room, Maya tells Vandana to get up and makes her sit on the bed. She gets water for her. Maya says we will start our relationship on a new note, forget the past. She says she will be comfortable in this house. Maya tells her to rest. As she leaves, Vandana gets scared as hell.

Then, she gets a call. Vandana checks if Maaya is around or not. When she sees the coast is clear, she picks it up and says I am fine so far. She says no one doubts me so far. Saanjh says thank god aunty. She tells her to be careful and not let Maya get a whiff of the plan. Saanjh says this time we have to expose Maaya as two of her sons lives are at stake.