The journey that started on October 16 is about to come to an end in just three days. The Grand Finale of Bigg Boss 10 is scheduled to take place on January 29, and it’s Bani J, Manveer Gurjar, Manu Punjabi and Lopamudra Raut, who are competing for the coveted title, as Rohan Mehra, who was nominated along with Bani has been eliminated in the last eviction of Salman Khan’s show. Here’s looking at the journey of these four finalists as we wait and see who steps out of the Bigg Boss house as the winner:

Bani J – We have known Bani to be this feisty lady ever since Roadies. So when she finally decided to step inside the Bigg Boss house this year after being the show offered to her since past few years, we knew that we were in for a lot of fireworks. But then we saw something which was totally a far cry from her fiery avatar. We expected her to ace each and every task, but sadly she didn’t. But then again there is something about her that makes the people identify with her.

Manveer Gurjar – Who thought that he will go on to impress the masses like never before? Manveer stepped inside the Bigg Boss house representing the commoner, and soon won million of hearts with her honesty, which is a rare, especially inside the glass walled house. And it’s especially the ladies, who are aggressively rooting for him. And we don’t blame them. The man has undergone an amazing transformation and looks quite a hottie. There were times when he was under the bad light, especially when he got into major arguments with Rohan and Nitibha Kaul, but his outstanding performances in the tasks kept him in the game. ALSO READ: Rohan Mehra accuses Bigg Boss 10 makers of being unfair – read exclusive interview

Manu Punjabi – Jaipur based Manu started his Bigg Boss 10 journey on not a very good note, major thanks to his closeness towards Mona Lisa, which everyone thought was a game plan to make it to the end. Then there was his back bitting which not only ticked host Salman Khan off, but also majority of the viewers. However, everything changed when he had to step out of the house owing to his mother’s demise. And then when he returned, he was a changed man. It is from here that people saw the other side of him, which was liked very much by the audience.

Lopamudra Raut – Like Bani, we always knew that she will be a finalist right from the beginning. What really impressed the masses was her taking a stand against all the wrong things that were happening inside the house. It was something that also impressed the BB10 host. But her hatred for Bani was something that didn’t go down well with a lot of people. Especially her insensitive remarks on Bani’s mother affected her reputation majorly.

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