For the past two days, Ayesha Takia’s shocking transformation pics have been doing the rounds. Social media is trolling the actress for the pics that have recently surfaced. The pics are so shocking that she’s hardly recognizable. People took this as an excuse to troll the actress and take insensitive jibes at her. We all know how social media is just a place where bunch of anonymous people take opportunities to take digs at people. Anyway, so she did make a statement by sharing a pic on her Instagram, proving that she hasn’t undergone any surgery and that she looks just like what she used to. Finally, Indianexpress managed to get hold of the actress’ statement and this is what she had to say.

“Hey thank you for your message and understanding.. online trolling and bullying has reached a new level I guess. A handful of vicious people and gossip columns have decided to totally morph and distort my pics but the truth will prevail as I’m on social media every day and shooting / out and about people can see what I really look like and luckily I have amazing followers on Instagram who I interact with daily, so they have not believed these lies and supported me all the way.” She has put all the blame on social media and gossip columns to have created the absurd rumour about her transformation. In fact, she has gone ahead and even accused them of morphing and distorting her pictures to create such a ghastly image.

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Right after word of her shocking transformation spread like wildfire, the diva took to insta where she shared a post, confirming that she still looked the same. Her captioned said, “Crazzzy long arm me takin selfies! Y not lol! #StopSelfieShaming All u girls n guys who love urself enough to take ur own picture and feel good about it should be proud. Don’t let anyone tell u to dim ur confidence and self love. We live in a world of judgements and bullying, so we need to rise above that n just be who we are and be proud of it. LOVE URSELF #ayeshatakia”.

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