Shilpa Shetty might not be able to make fans just Shut Up and Bounce, for once. Of course the blunder that she has made on social media calls for a day or two of trolling. After the news broke that ICSE will include Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter  in the syllabus for students, Shilpa had the idea to suggest that even Little Women should be included. Fair enough! But what brought her the wrath was her next suggestions for kids – Animal Farm. According to her the book would teach kids to love and care for animals. She became the target of internet trolls and soon things soon spiralled down further, as she became a meme. For example- “The Hunger Games is a great series on Karwa Chauth. #ShilpaShettyReviews” and “”The Fault In Our Stars” is a book where two tragic lovers can’t marry because their kundlis didn’t match. #ShilpaShettyReviews”. Ouch!

Before we go further, let’s not forget that once Shilpa fought racism on international level during her stint on Big Brother and made us all proud. So, after the tsunamis of tweets hurled at her, she took to Twitter once again, and like I say “some people do mare damage while doing the damage control”, she wrote this-


Whilst I admire the writers of LOTR, Harry Potter & Animal Farm I’ve “NEVER” read these books(@ the cost of soundin even dumber!)Not my kind

— SHILPA SHETTY KUNDRA (@TheShilpaShetty) November 28, 2016



..So recommending them to kids is out of the question! Obviously some misunderstanding..Don’t want to get into it.This too shall pass.

— SHILPA SHETTY KUNDRA (@TheShilpaShetty) November 28, 2016

So what is the lesson here kids? Don’t try to act smart, be smart. Let us go back to what she originally wrote just for the sake of it. “Books like Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter as a part of the syllabus is a great move because it cultivates imagination and creativity at a young age. They should include books like Little Women as it encourages respect towards women at a young age. Even a book like Animal Farm can teach little ones to love and care for animals.” she wrote.