Amy Jackson is one of the busiest actresses down South, and she is looking forward to make huge inroads into Bollywood as well, thanks to being the latest addition in Salman Khan’s camp. She already has a huge project under the kitty, being the main female lead in Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s sci fi flick, 2.0. There are also talks about her being the female lead opposite Salman Khan in Dabanng 3, effectively replacing Sonakshi Sinha in the movie. So when she posted a mysterious tweet on her timeline, it left her fans buzzing about what she meant by her update.

Amy Jackson had posted on her Twitter that something that has left her super excited is about to be revealed, and the countdown for that begins from today. But the final date for the countdown to end will be on March 5. Here’s her tweet…

Ok.. so.. something I’m super excited about is coming your way and the countdown starts now! Stay tuned for the 5th of March

— Amy Jackson (@iamAmyJackson) February 28, 2017

Curious, huh? So are many of her fan, who wonder if it has anything to do with either 2.0 or Dabanng 3…

@iamAmyJackson #Robo2 teaser

— Agnisha (@agnisha12) February 28, 2017

@iamAmyJackson Hope so Robot 2 Only.

Or else it could be film with Sallu Bhai

— Ankit Mehta (@Anki4uever) February 28, 2017

@iamAmyJackson 2.0 update ???

— கபாலி™ (@GabaliTwits) February 28, 2017

@iamAmyJackson amy Firstlook from 2.0?

— Deepika (@deepika_999) February 28, 2017

@iamAmyJackson may be Trailer of 2.0 or film signing with @BeingSalmanKhan

— Jeril John (@jeriljohn) February 28, 2017

@iamAmyJackson#2point0 Teaser?

— Naam Sandy (@iSandeep_Rocco) February 28, 2017

We had checked both Salman Khan (who hasn’t posted anything after February 8th) and Akshay Kumar’s Twitter accounts, and found nothing that connects with Amy’s tweets. So guess we have to wait till March 5 to find out, what Amy is hinting at….