So the internet is abuzz about the new man in Parineeti Chopra’s life. Mirror broke the news this morning stating Pari is dating assistant director Charit Desai, who works for Karan Johar‘s Dharma Productions. Interestingly, Pari’s ex boyfriend Maneesh Sharma too was a director. Ahem! But anyway, let’s not deviate our focus from Charit. So yea, we hear Charit and Pari bonded during the Dream Team Tour last year and instantly hit it off. In fact, by now even the industry has got talking about their ‘secret’ affair. So we decided to dig in a little and stalk Charit’s profile to know what kind of a guy is he? Here, check out our research on Charit.Also read: Revealed: Parineeti Chopra’s mystery man is Charit Desai!

#Charit has been associated with Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions for years now.

#Going by IMDB, Charit has worked on films like Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath, Akshay Kumar’s Chandni Chowk To China.

#Charit’s Facebook profile suggests he is also quite an adventure junkie, just like how Pari loves travelling

#While Parineeti was one of the star performers for Dream Tour last year. Charit was the one who shot for all the behind the scene videos. So now you know what must have helped them break the ice…

#Charit is also a frequent at Karan Johar’s parties but obviously, everyone failed to notice. Maybe now that we know he is linked up to Pari, the papz might keep a closer watch on his whereabouts.

However, in contradiction to the above news, Charit is already hating this unnecessary attention to his relationship with Parineeti. I mean, we revisited his Facebook profile a few minutes back and he’s made his account private, right after the news broke out about his affair with Pari. Now does this confirm the rumour or is it just that Charit doesn’t want to get into it at all? Let’s see how Parineeti Chopra deals with this new linkup rumour. Until then, tell us what do you think of Pari and Charit as a pair and stay tuned to BollywoodLife for more updates on this hot story.