Alia Bhatt is one actor who has emerged to be a true youth icon over the last few years. With her vivacious personality, infectious energy and back to back effortless performances, she has proved herself to be really deserving of all the attention she gets. It was her ability to laugh at herself which made her a rage amongst youngsters and now the talented actress has gone ahead and issued an open letter to today’s youth.

This special letter comes in the wake of the World Television Premiere of her film Dear Zindagi on Sunday, 23rd April on Zee Cinema. Also starring Shah Rukh Khan, Dear Zindagi spoke about life and its struggles in a refreshingly new light making a credible point about mental issues. The movie reflected on subjects which we shy away from talking about in public and made it a topline discussion. And now just before its telecast, Alia comes forward for this special initiative and pens down an open letter to her fans.

She talks about how life isn’t supposed to be perfect and being able to balance between good and bad is the key to a happy life. She further says that her biggest takeaway from Dear Zindagi has been to introspect and enjoy the small things in life which matter.

Here’s her open letter – 


Do you think life is supposed to be simple and perfect? One where everything you want happens? No surprises and twists? Nothing to fight for?
Today, life is full of drama, with so many dreams, so much to achieve, lots to prove and people to please….Balancing all of it is what makes this life rewarding!
One of the important things I learned from playing Kaira in ‘Dear Zindagi’ is to introspect in life and deal with situations, while also enjoying the simple joys of life. Simplifying the complicated is the true mantra to be happy as guided by Dr. Jehangir Khan, who helped Kaira deal with her insecurities!
There is a little bit of Kaira in all of us. So, Sadness ko karo bye aur apne Zindagi ko kaho hi! Enjoy your beautiful life! Cherish the lovely moments, make some wonderful memories and truly love your zindagi!
Lots of love,
Alia Bhatt a.k.a Kaira 🙂