Twitteratti is angry and rightly so. Not so long ago when Deepika Padukone was referred to as an “unidentified” guest by Daily Mail all hell broke loose. And looks like Dev Patel has found himself in a similar situation. So Wall Street Journal’s film critic Joe Morgenstern reviewed Dev’s upcoming film Lion and he mistook the actor for Kal Penn. Obviously this would not have gone unnoticed. The big blunder was almost immediately picked by Twitter and people weren’t exactly kind to the film critic. Mr Morgenstern wrote in his review, “Dev Patel who gives ‘richest performance’ since The Namesake”.

Twitter went berserk and here’s what they had to say…

@JoeMorgenstern @WSJ You do realize that Dev Patel is not Kal Penn, right?

— Ezra Cubero (@EzraCubero) November 24, 2016

@JoeMorgenstern @EzraCubero @WSJ As a brown man, do you think I can be Kal Penn too if I try hard enough?

— Dev (@DevSMah) November 26, 2016

@DevSMah @JoeMorgenstern @EzraCubero @WSJ As a brown man, I’m conflicted. I dunno if I should hashtag this #IAMDEVPATEL or #IAMNOTDEVPATEL

— Rubin Safaya (@rubinsafaya) November 26, 2016

@JoeMorgenstern @EzraCubero @WSJ As a brown man, do you think I can be Kal Penn too if I try hard enough?

— Dev (@DevSMah) November 26, 2016

Of course after getting trolled on Twitter Morgenstern also admitted his “Dumb error” got more flak and the whole episode took a racist twist.

@EzraCubero @WSJ I do. What a dumb error.

— Joe Morgenstern (@JoeMorgenstern) November 24, 2016

Joe however put out a lengthy apology and admitted that it was his folly. In his statement he clarified and said, “Many are thinking about me- just one more white guy who thinks brown or black people look alike.” Morgenstern also went on to extend his heartfelt apology to everyone who was hurt or offended by his this slip.

Here’s my response to reactions to the error in my “Lion” review this week.

— Joe Morgenstern (@JoeMorgenstern) November 26, 2016

While Dev hasn’t really commented on this issue we found Kal Penn react on Twitter. The Namesake actor tweeted back all stories… (Lion trailer: Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara star in this emotional search of one’s roots!)

@JoeMorgenstern Dev Patel wasn’t in the Namesake. Did you mean the other brown actor (@kalpenn) or other brown film?  #wsj #lionmovie

— Kelvin (@kelvindchen) November 25, 2016

Wall Street Journal movie critic mistakes Dev Patel for @KalPenn

— Variety (@Variety) November 25, 2016

Not so long ago Deepika Padukone fans too were angry when UK daily refused to identify the movie star. However, the daily later corrected the mistake. What’s your take on Dev Patel episode? Comment in the box below…