Aamir Khan is one actor who is known to push to his limitations. We are stunned by his fat to fit transformation for his upcoming release Dangal. Aamir has actually raised the bar to a whole new level for other actors. Aamir’s Dangal trailer is just spectacular and now his fat to fit journey has left us awestruck. You have to watch the making of Dangal and you will understand what we are trying to say.

Yesterday Aamir had invited the media to watch his fat to fit transformation journey and everyone just couldn’t stop praising the actor which he totally deserved. The actor made a smashing entry after the screening of the video and spoke to the media like never before. Dressed in casuals, Aamir looked extremely fit and smashing.  While talking to the media, the actor revealed that it’s for his next film Thugs of Hindostan which also stars Amitabh Bachchan and is produced by Yash Raj Films.

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Talking about his journey, Aamir revealed that he was extremely scared about his weight gain, “The journey was very scary. I reached 97 kilos and I had only five months to lose weight. I was worried that I will not lose, but I had too. It was the most difficult time”. Clearly we all are inspired by his kickass transformation.

Aamir also revealed how he suffered a lot of injuries while shooting, “I had lot of injuries, on my ankle, back, shoulders and elbows. None of them was so serious which stopped my shooting except for once when I had injured my back. The doctors asked me to take two months bed rest. But I assured Nitesh to give me two weeks rest and I came back on sets. To shoot one sequence, we had to travel to Ludhiana again from Mumbai. I took pain killer injections to shoot the scene. It was actually very very painful”.

Aamir, we are desperately waiting to watch your film. Isn’t it BollywoodLifers?