Shah Rukh Khan is busy celebrating the success of his last release Raees. He is also going all out to promote the crime-thriller. He went on a train journey from Mumbai to Delhi, with the cast and select media. And now he has appeared on two of the most popular web channels AIB and The Viral Fever. Though both were equally awesome, I am inclining more towards TVF as Nidhi Bisht and Jeetu’s nervousness and awkwardness speaks to me, strongly. I mean you are sitting in front SRK, in his house, don’t lounge back on his sofa wearing shorts and slippers. So, despite of a weak start, TVF’s videos catches pace eventually, and we all know about the most awesome thing that happened near the end. AbRam Khan entered the frame, and talked to his dad. Now that is enough to boost this interview’s popularity off the charts. But there is another moment from the interview that needs to go viral.

So, TVF interview was happening LIVE, and after a point Shah Rukh began to read the comments that people were posting. It looked like he is quite enjoying the process, as even after Nidhi’s insistence to let it be, he continued. But one troll dared to call SRK “chakka” in this live chat. You would think that a superstar like himself will lose his cool, but that didn’t happen. SRK laughed, and said “Main itna bada ho chuka hun ki chauka ho hi nahi sakta.” Now that is called being a sport…and of course the king of cool. We salute to the actor’s wit and humour.

Move to time stamp 20:40 for the savage moment!

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In another hilarious moment in this live chat, the two hosts tried to draw on similarity between their lives and SRK’s lavish life by assuming that he must be using a regular toothbrush and toothpaste just like them. Boy, were they in for a disappointment. Shah Rukh said that the answer to their query will embarrass them more, and revealed that he uses some sort of WI-FIenabled toothbrush. He even asked one of his crew to bring the toothbrush so that he can flaunt it in front of the two, and so he did.