We love AIB, don’t we? The team’s sense of humour is impeccable. But here is one man who can outdo all of them when it comes to wit and humour single-handedly, at the same time – Shah Rukh Khan…naam toh suna hi hoga. The actor appeared on the latest podcast by AIB, and was at his witty best. From talking about how the constant controversies around him have taken a toll on the speed he gets out of bed with to contemplating why he hasn’t he gotten any offers to dance at weddings in a long time – he talked about all. And that too with a savage sense of humour.

The podcast has been trending on YouTube since its release. This video interview might be the thing that brings AIB back the fans that they lost out after that thing with Ranveer Singh, Karan Johar and Arjun Kapoor backfired. Here are the best moments from the interview:

SRK revealed that when he first began to travel abroad, he was just like one of us- all decked up with passport cover, fanny pack, backpack, and worried about smelly socks.


SRK is so afraid of offending someone somewhere after the controversies that have surrounded him…


There was so much written about Bollywood not talking about crucial topics  like Meryl Streep did with Golden Globes Acceptance speech. Shah Rukh Khan talked about that and said why would he want to chip in on something that someone else is saying. He took a dig at the people questioning him about his stand…


When SRK made a comparison between AIB Roast and Fan. He said he is happy that their Roast did worse than Fan. 


SRK was asked about stealing the thunder away from the bride and groom when he dances at weddings. He opened his response with…


When every controversy somehow had to have Shah Rukh Khan’s opinion:


SRK wants to have a padded room where he can go and scream, at the top of his lungs, whatever the hell he wants to. But calling ‘Mannat’ too small…BWAHAHAHA


Okay! That all being said… I also need to point out that AIB…you WERE Engineering students once, you aren’t anymore. Stop dressing up and lounging like engineering students. At least for the time when you are meeting Shah Rukh Khan. Also, TVF’s interview with SRK might not have been this funny, but we got see the actor’s wi-fi enabled toothbrush and there was a cameo by AbRam Khan – now that you can’t compete with . Hoping part 2 of the podcast is able to bring you closer to the TVF thingy.

Watch the full podcast here:

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